New star of rare breeds centre 2014 leaflet!

Published: 2 January 2014

Local Ashford girl Graciemay will be the star of the 2014 Rare Breeds Centre leaflet. This popular local tourist atraction prints over 110,000 copies of this promotional  leaflet to give out to visitors, use at events around the county and distribute across Kent and East Sussex promoting what we do and encouraging visitors to come along and enjoy themselves.

Graciemay Linn , who will be 5 years old in March, is currently in the reception class of Ashford Oaks Primary School and will surely be the envy of all her school friends when they see her starring role. Graciemay’s Mum, Jo said ‘ We were on a regular visit to the Farm and playing in the children’s barn when one of the staff asked if they could photograph Graciemay as they were looking for publicity photos. I never thought she would end up as the star of the main 2014 leaflet. I am so proud as she looks so lovely in the photograph.’

Gill Gibb, Chief Executive of Canterbury Oast Trust who own and operate the Rare Breeds Centre continues ‘ it is lovely for us to be able to use a local child on the front of our leaflet .We really thought Graciemay summed up a great visit to our Farm, she really looks like she is having a great time - look at that smile!’

Entry to the Rare Breeds is a reduced £6 for all until the end of March and the Farm boasts three undercover barns to play in and the lovely Granary Restaurant where you can keep warm with tea, coffee, cakes and hearty lunches to keep you glowing and happy through these cold and wet winter months.

So don’t let you or the children go stir crazy at home, come along to see us and you never know, you may end up being a future star of the Rare Breeds Centre!