Published: 10 October 2013


It’s daytime fear and fun at the Rare Breeds for upcoming October half-term. Avoid  poor imitations and come along to the original and best farm based Halloween experience in Kent. Our child catcher will be prowling the farm wheeling his cage of captured children– see if you can guess who it is and if they can escape his clutches!

Our ‘Scare Glow’ ultra violet show will take you off into a magical world of adventure with a scarecrow and an octopus (the sheep were busy) and Vunderbar the wonderful wizard will be telling scary stories of witches and ghostly happenings and singing songs.

 We will have a Spot the Spook trail around the Farm with a sweet reward at the end and the award winning Jax the face painter helping you become that special scary character- you might even scare off the child catcher!

 The event is suitable for all, even small children. To book online go to www.rarebreeds.org.uk/buy-tickets . Call us on 01233 861508 for more information.

 Please note there will not be evening Halloween events this year.