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Fundraising Tips

We've listed our top ten ways to raise cash for COT

  • Win up to £25,000 and support COT at the same time.

    The more people we recruit to the lottery the more money we make…its simple!

    By playing the Unity weekly lottery, for each £1 entry, you have the chance of winning a range of prizes including a £25,000 jackpot!

  • Compete for COT - bike ride, marathon, abseil whatever your sport passion. Do it for COT get sponsorship for pushing your personal best and donate it to COT to support our work

  • Bake for COT - Can you make scrumptious brownies or a lovely sponge - Do a good old fashioned cake bake for COT

  • Stretch your brain for COT - Hold a quiz at your local pub for COT

  • Fill an empty Smarties tube with £1 coins or collect your spare change in a jar; you'll be surprised at how it all mounts up!

  • Share your celebration with COT - ask your friends and family for donations to COT instead of Birthday/Wedding presents

  • Look hilarious for COT - Hold a sponsored "fancy dress" day at work and ask your employer if they will match fund the amount you raise for COT

  • Take a challenge for COT - Kilimanjaro, the Great Wall of China – is there an expedition you've always wanted to do. We can help you organise it and you can raise money for COT

  • Clean up for COT - Set-up a car wash for the day. Get the music going, have fun and raise some money for COT

  • Raise Money just by searching the web - is an internet search engine with a big difference - it donates half its revenues to charity!

As you can see there are so many things you can do to help us raise the vital funds we need to continue our work.

Please do contact us for a chat about what you could do to help. Call the Fundraising team on 01233 861 493 or 01233 860 806.