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Problematic Pop Music Quizzes - Our Expert Fundraisers

First started in November 1992 and are now designed and run by COT parents Debbie and Ken Chappell and Ken’s cousin, Jim Graham.

They give 100% of the proceeds of the quizzes directly to Canterbury Oast Trust (COT) and have raised £250,000  (as at September 2019) via nearly 670 quizzes, funding equipment at The Rare Breeds Centre such as a large Horticulture Polytunnel, Walk-In Aviary and Butterfly Tunnel, plus an upgrade to the Mariner's Tea Room at Rye and a new Utility Room and Extension at Rosemary Cottage, the Special Needs Bungalow at Woodchurch where Debbie and Ken's son, Christopher, lives. They are currently raising funds to provide an innovative immersive training facility within our charity’s MYLIFE Skills Academy. This specially designed interactive space will offer learning experiences for students of all abilities. Through a range of new technology tutors will enrich the Academy’s curriculum and really bring learning to life!

The quiz team live in West Wickham on the Kent/London/Surrey borders and do most of their quizzes locally, but travel further afield by special arrangement.

It is designed as a fun quiz, but can also be a test for even the most knowledgeable! With a total of 160 points per quiz, the record is an amazing 155.5 by a very knowledgeable couple in Hayes. However, the average score achieved is around 70%.

We currently have 31 different versions of the quiz and nos. 32 and 33 are being devised by the team. Each year they develop two new quizzes one suitable for parents at school PTA’s etc and corporate events – typically in the City. The other is a 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and oldies quiz suitable for “older” audiences - such as the quiz team themselves!! They are all similar in style with 7 rounds and the quizzes typically last 3 hours (assuming a 30 minute  break for food).

Each quiz has rounds for:

1. Short Cuts  

Short excerpts from 10 tracks from a range of years, where you name the Title and the Artist/Group

2. Same but Different/or Surname:Forename 

10 pairs of tracks played where you only name the Artist for each pair or;

The Surname of the first Artist is the same as the Forename of the second Artist E.g Debbie Harry paired with Harry Secombe or Harry Connick Jnr.

This means that if one is known, then people can make an inspired guess at the other one, if they don’t have a clue !!!

3. Films, TV, Radio, Musicals, Adverts    

20 excerpts from well known films, musicals, tv programmes, adverts etc. where you name the film or musical title, tv/radio programme or the product from the advert etc. Not usually as easy as it seems!

4. No. 1 Singles   

They read the titles from 20 U.K No. 1 Singles. You name the artist or group. The years involved are usually linked to the age of the audience.

5. A variable round usually themed  

Recently, either It Takes Two (Duets), NaNaLaLa (Title and Chorus : Hey Jude by The Beatles is a great example) or Groups and (linked) Solo Artists.  As with the first 6 rounds, there are 20 points at stake.

6. The Next Line 

10 questions. They play a well known track and stop the write down the next line. 2 points for each totally correct answer, but, by the end of the evening, many people just sing the words when the music stops !!

7. Written Round    

10 music questions, from the 1950's to the present day, given out as you arrive at the quiz and for completion between rounds.

A Joker doubles the scores on any of the first 6 rounds above.

All you need to do is to get the hall, the people and to organise any food and drink plus prizes. (Winners and booby-prizes usually work well !). 

In return, the current donation amount to COT is a minimum of £250 (which is given 100% to COT).

People have also chosen to help boost donations by: 

  • Exit bucket collections
  • Raffles/heads and tails games

We welcome other fundraising activity like running marathons, 3 peaks challenges, Everest/Kilimanjaro hikes, Christmas collections, Company 50:50 matching donations, etc. These have boosted  donations to COT by over 25% over the years.

Many people book quizzes with the team year on year, so if you need a specific date, it is best to give them plenty of notice by contacting:

Ken and Debbie Chappell on 0208 777 3933 or 07756 496461 or [email protected]  or [email protected]


Problematic Pop Music Quizzes - Our Expert Fundraisers